What's guardian spirit!

If you win a guardian spirit of the God world mission, it's possible to use a guardian spirit when you play in the next playing.

How to get “guardian spirit”

Profile of a guardian spirit
Kaiser Daedalus: God of the Skies Kaiser Daedalus!
Kaiser Coral: The ancestor animal Kaiser appeared?!
Don Bison :Don Bison appeared!!
Kaiser Two Horn: A fierce battle lies ahead! Kaiser Two Horn appears!
Mammoth Priest: Turn the Mammoth Priest into a guardian spirit!
Death Scorch :Death Scorch!The Legendary “Blaze of Hell”
Hippo Daddy :Death Scorch! The Legendary “Blaze of Hell“
Galleon: The Lion of Light “Galleon“ Appears!
Mr. Football: The Strength of Mr. Footballfish!
Kurogane: The Lion of Light “Galleon“ Appears!

The timing of summoning a “Guardian Spirit” in battle can decide a victory!

GAK ID card is needed to obtain a “Guardian Spirit”!