About cards

I damaged my card. Can I get a new one?
Due to the nature of this product, we cannot exchange cards unless they are initially defective.
How many 'rare' cards are there ? In what order are they dispensed?
There are a limited number of 'rare' cards and they are dispensed randomly.
Can I use Animal Kaiser cards?
You are not able to use Animal Kaiser cards with the Great Animal Kaiser game.
Can I get previous versions of cards?
There are some stores where you can buy them.

About GAK ID cards

My data was erased. Can I exchange my card?
Please be aware that we can't help you if your data has been lost.

About completing the game

Could you tell me how to complete the game?
Sorry, but we can't give you any tips or advice on the game.

About suggestions

I'd like to offer my idea for the game.
While we are always thrilled to see support from our fans, due to legal issues, we cannot accept ideas from our players.
As such, we cannot be held liable or responsible for you suggestions or ideas submitted.

When will the next upgrade be?

When will the next upgrade be?
Update release schedule will be posted on the official website.